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M@tö (correctly spelled 'mättö') is Finnish and means something like 'massacre'.

In m@tö you are a hermit who lives in a small bunker with a cannon. But there are "agents" who think that you're planning something, so they decide to blast you up. Your goal is to defend yourself from them!

M@tö features a beatiful forest scenery that will not look so nice anymore (unless you happen to like total destruction) when you start to use your bombs. The main feature of m@tö is that the ground morphs when shot. That gives you a lot of tactical options and interesting situations everytime you play.
There are a few different game modes in m@tö: two different survival modes, phases mode and fun mode where you can do whatever you want. To make the massacre even better, you get new weapons from small crates that appear occasionally.

To give you some goals, m@tö also has a total of 34 achievements and 3 unlockable enemies for fun mode. Even an online scoreboard exists where you can compare your score to your friends' and others'. After two and a half years of (slow) development and with all this stuff, m@tö is definitely our best game and a game that everyone should play. (even regarded as the best game ever by one of our friends)


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