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Games by Northern Unit Entertainment

Northern Unit Entertainment creates free indie games with Game Maker. We were formerly known as Holy Trinity that was originally not set up to create games. Later when we already had created many games, we decided to change our name and discard everything but our games, while we also launched this site that is now dedicated only to distribute our games.

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  New game: Monster Maze

We had an old game we had been working on on another computer. Now that we found it again and as it was almost finished, it didn't take long to complete it, and now we were able to release it here.
So, enjoy your new game!
Head over to Monster Maze's page
Apr 22nd, 2009

  Site launched!

Holy Trinity is now gone and Northern Unit Entertainment is here! All the same old games can be now found from here and everything else has been scrapped, so this is now only a game site that is dedicated to distribute our games.
Currently we have six released games and two games under construction. Now we also have a new and easy commenting area, so go ahead and give us some comments!
Apr 4th, 2009

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