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Games by Northern Unit Entertainment

Northern Unit Entertainment creates free indie games with Game Maker. We were formerly known as Holy Trinity that was originally not set up to create games. Later when we already had created many games, we decided to change our name and discard everything but our games, while we also launched this site that is now dedicated only to distribute our games.

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  New version of Shooter released!

We have realeased a new version of Shooter. It has brand new platform engine that is much better than the old one and a lot of other things, too.
Go ahead and download the new version of Shooter.
Sep 29th, 2009

  m@tö v2 released!

A new version of our best game finally got released: m@tö
M@tö is an arcade game in which your goal is to defend yourself from "agents" with bombs. The main feature of m@tö is destructible terrain which gives you a lot of tactical options and interesting situations everytime you play.
Now go download the game! It is TERRIFIC!
May 5th, 2009

  Online scoreboard for m@tö v2

M@tö v2 is going to be our first game to feature online scoreboard. It is going to be really interesting to see how many people want to send their scores online and how good scores they get.
As there is now going to be something to compete on the internet and something where you can directly compare your score in no time, we hope that m@tö v2 will be our first game that is a real success.
Apr 29th, 2009

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