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Games by Northern Unit Entertainment

Northern Unit Entertainment creates free indie games with Game Maker. We were formerly known as Holy Trinity that was originally not set up to create games. Later when we already had created many games, we decided to change our name and discard everything but our games, while we also launched this site that is now dedicated only to distribute our games.

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  Games and stuff

We are not dead, just not making Game Maker games. I have a new site: Stufff by Antti Vainio. There is a collection of all the stuff I create, also a new game you can try: Evolute. That is the place I am updating the most constantly so you better follow it.
We also have a YouTube account 'Repedh' in which Lauri Vainio is posting his own stuff, mostly animations. Subscribing that awesome channel is recommended.
Aug 6th, 2011

  No more Game Maker

I am sorry to anounce that we will not finish Alien Invasion. Also, we don't have any other Game Maker projects under development either, so the "unfinished games" section has been removed from this site entirely. I also have to say, that at the moment we don't have any plans on starting any new Game Maker projects as creating games with other program can sometimes be a little limited.
We will still develop some games occasionally, just not with Game Maker. However, they won't be released on this site as we want to keep this site dedicated to our Game Maker games. But we'll probably post links to our new games here though.
Aug 11th, 2010

  M@tö gameplay video!

We have made a video featuring our best game m@tö, so if you still don't have the game, check out the video and you will:

Oct 9th, 2009

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